Friday, September 23, 2011

Late Night Takes - Obama, Rounding Third Year and Heading Home?

Late Night Jokes

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

"President Obama’s hometown newspaper, the Chicago Tribune, has called on Obama not to run for re-election. He has to run. He knows there are no other jobs out there."

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
"During a fundraiser in New York last night, President Obama said he was quote “in a New York state of mind.” Of course, in a year he might be singing that other Billy Joel song, “‘Movin’ Out.”"

"First Lady Michelle Obama will appear on the season premiere of "Extreme Home Makeover" on Sunday. The good news is, she’ll be refurbishing a house for a new family to move into; the bad news is, it’s the White House."

These jokes are courtesy of which periodically sends out an email compilation of late night jokes, few of which are worth repeating . . . these are the exceptions.

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