Sunday, October 16, 2011

Courageous (2011)

I saw this movie, Courageous, last weekend at a large shopping mall near Columbus, Ohio. It was at one of those multiplex theaters, 16 theaters.

Courageous begins as the story of four sheriff deputies. Through the stories of their lives and situations that these deputies face, they learn by experience the fact that fatherless children are most likely to get into trouble. Many fatherless children join gangs and end up in jail. Our nation has done a poor job of encouraging and promoting fatherhood. Instead, though what may have been well-intended by some, the welfare state has criminally contributed to the destruction of the family.

These deputies, along with a young Hispanic father, together and individually, discover and decide what kind of fathers that God wants them to be. They begin to take responsibility for their families and children.

The movie delves revealingly into the lives of each man following their evolving decision to become better fathers. Each man faces challenges to his newly acquired beliefs about fatherhood. The movie addresses vital issues in a realistic, serious way, yet with just enough wholesome humor to entertain and inspire.

The men realized their need to spend more time with their families and they begin training them in the Word of God.

This all takes great courage.


This movie is exceptional. It is life affirming and motivation to life live with the purpose for which it was designed by God. It communicates essential and vital issues commonly faced by all men. Courageous is a ‘five star out of five stars’ flick. It can be simultaneously a learning as well as an entertaining event.

Every father, every man should see this movie now while it is playing in a nearby theater, or purchase or rent it when it is available.

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