Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Vatican Calls for One World Government and Central World Bank

If anyone needs any proof that the papacy is not of God, here it is.  This is mega-government rhetoric that should get you talking to all your Catholic friends and neighbors that they need to get out of the Catholic church.  It is amazing to me that they said that the International Monetary Fund does not have enough power over the world monetary supply and credit.  This is very alarming to me, since the IMF already routinely destroys economies like Greece.  What would they do with even more power?  Will we be next?

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  1. You should do some follow up on that story. The Pope had nothing to do with the writing of the article you are referring to. And the article has since been condemned by the Vatican. Plus that is in no way proof that the Papacy is not from God. That is akin to saying televangelism is not of God because of the many abuses of power and money those people commit.