Saturday, October 01, 2011

Unholy Toledo!

Just this morning I came across a very interesting and informative study, The Cleveland Backpage Report. Included in this report was a reference to Toledo, Ohio. The report notes, .

“Ohio is also an origin state for domestic victims of sex and labor trafficking. Toledo, Ohio, is feared to be a nexus for the crime.

“The authors explain that “Toledo is currently number four in the nation in terms of the number of arrests, investigations, and rescue of domestic minor sex trafficking victims among U.S. cities. (Northwest Ohio Innocence Lost Task Force, 2009).

“The top three cities are

·         Miami (city population 404,048; county population 2,398,245),

·         Portland (city population 537,081; county population 714,567) and

·         Las Vegas (city population 552,539; county population 1,865,746).

"Given that the city of Toledo’s population is 298,446 and Lucas County’s is 440,456, this area can be considered to lead the nation for the number of traffickers produced and the number of victims recruited into the sex trade per capita based on 2008 U.S. Census estimates.””

Next to abortion and drug trafficking, sex trafficking and human slavery are the most pronounced and loathsome crimes occurring today in America.

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