Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ron Paul Quotes Bible, Wins Values Voters Summit Straw Poll

Ron Paul won the Values Voters Summit Straw Poll with 37% of the vote. This is the best speech in his candidacy.  He articulated his positions well.  Though I don't quite agree with all of what he said, it was well said.  He spoke to some of the issues that the social conservatives wanted to hear, while at the same time he tied those issues into his own platform of ideas and explained why his positions would lead to some of the changes that social conservatives want.  But he was not afraid to speak out against things that most social conservatives have accepted like war and prosecuting people for sins committed between consenting adults.  He was able to successfully use Biblical passages and the concerns of the early church fathers to argue the case against wars of aggression and wars executed without proper authority.  The story about the boy who was angry at his father because he had to go off to war was nice touch.  I just wish Ron Paul was a little more sensitive to the concerns of social conservatives when it comes to issues like distributing syringes to drug addicts and gays in the military.

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