Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Petition Congress to Investigate the Solyndra Sham

Demand Congress Investigate Bankrupt Solyndra

After receiving $535 million dollars in loan guarantees from the federal government, the solar company Solyndra has laid off all its employees and closed its doors. Emails show that the White House put pressure on administrators to give Solyndra this money, despite evidence of fiscal insolvency. The Bush administration had rejected Solyndra's application, but the Obama administration pushed it through. The American people deserve to know why this application was fast tracked--where did our money go, and who is responsible for this incredible failure!

The media has no interest in honestly investigating President Obama as he seeks re-election. Join us as we demand that Congress investigate the $535 million dollar boondoggle known as Solyndra.

Sign the Petition

I just signed the petition and sent the following letter to my congressional representatives in the House and Senate.

As one of your constituents and someone who wants to see fiscal accountability in our government I am writing you today to encourage that you support an exhaustive and complete investigation of the $535 million dollar boondoggle known as Solyndra. 
The American people deserve to know what happened. Someone must be held accountable for this fiasco.


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