Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ohio Heartbeat Bill 3rd Hearing, 12/14/2011

I attended the hearing today. I was in Columbus for a doctor’s appointment The hearing really didn’t last long, seemed like less than an hour. A bell sounded indicating that the Ohio Senate would be opening its afternoon session. I sat at the back of the room behind 14 or so pro-death advocates. One witness  a young woman named Molly, ironically wearing a baby-pink  “I stand for Planned Parenthood” tee-shirt presented a story apparently a Planned Parenthood victim's ‘good news’ story about being able to abort her medically challenged baby, for the opposition presented her testimony. There were several witnesses for both sides of the issue.

Janet Porter was the only witness, who was questioned. She is an active force and leader for the proponents of the bill. She fielded questions from black liberal Democrat Senator Shirley Smith. One question was asking about the diversity of Mrs. Porter’s organization. Mrs. Porter answered that she had a black board member.
At the end of the hearing the Chairman of the Senate Health, Human Services, and Aging Committiee reported that the Senate President had suspended the hearing. This is likely to mean this bill would not be voted on before the end of the year. Planned Parenthood, the ACLU rejoiced. The suspension came after the supporters of the bill presented some technical changes to the bill. This apparently  the “eleventh hour” changes really upset Senator Tom Niehaus.
Hopefully, this bill will still be voted on this year. The Pro-Death forces want to kill this bill, so they can continue to kill innocent, defenseless babies. What a country!

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