Friday, December 16, 2011

This is Jihad Awareness Month, Part 3

Here is another excellent educational video revealing more truth about Islam’s core beliefs and America blindness toward them and the threat of Islam.  This is the third and last of a brief series that explores the video’s content. Hat tip again goes to, where I first saw this timely and informative presentation. I will transcribe a portion of this video.
The transcript for the part three of the transcription of the video starts at 7:55 on the video below, at the point where President Obama speaks about his commitment to:
Here is where we left off yesterday, President Barack Obama annoyingly waxing on and on about the greatness of Islam …
It was Islam – at places like Al-Azhar University – that carried the light of learning through so many centuries, paving the way for Europe's Renaissance and Enlightenment.
Here’s the opposite view shared by David Wood, “Now what’s coming at us? On the one hand we have the jihadists, people whose greatest contribution to military strategy the suicide is bombing.  (Terrorist say,) ‘We just can’t figure out how to kill the infidels without blowing ourselves up in the process.’  These guys are one step away from inventing ejector seats for helicopters or screen doors for submarines. They are not deep thinkers!
“And on the other hand, we have the Obama administration and the media, people who would run from their own shadows if that shadow wre ever to make a true statement about Islam. The anti-American Dream Team consists almost entirely of cowards and morons. The only way we could ever be defeated by a force like that is if we do absolutely nothing.
“So let’s not do nothing when the President strives to impose willful ignorance, paradoxically on the intelligence community. We should strive even harder to spread accurate information about Islam.
“If the President goes a mile for the Muslim Brotherhood, we need to go 3 miles for freedom. When the President adds a brick to his wall of deception, let’s take down 5 bricks. That’s how you defeat a campaign of misinformation.”
Here’s some more drivel from the President,
Partnership between America and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what Islam isn’t.
David Wood announces, “I’ll be doing my part this month in honor of the President’s decision to blindfold the agents who really, really need to see where to pin the tail. We’ll be having JIHAD AWARENESS MONTH over at Plenty of articles to read, new videos to forward, maybe some pamphlets you can print out and pass around.
“But whether you get your information from me or other sources, let’s all make an effort this month to learn a few essential passages from the Qur’an and the hadith to share those passages with others, and to work just a little harder than the media-endorsed-Obama-Approved Muslim Brotherhood front groups that seek our annihilation.
“I encourage everyone to get involved with some of the organizations that are standing up for human rights and educating people about jihad and Sharia. Organizations like:
·         American Freedom Defense Initiative
·         Stop Islamization of America
·         Act for America
“Teamwork has its advantages especially when the stakes are so high.
“And finally, I don’t care if you live on Mars, make sure you attend the Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference coming up in April (2012). This human rights discussion needs to take place, and there is no better place to have it in America than Dearborn, Michigan. See you there!”
Hopefully this transcript helped in your appreciation of the video. It really helped me to grasp the message. Islam is a present danger to America. Like socialism/communism that has invaded our intitutions, media, government, corporations, churches, and education, we face an equally evil and subversive threat to our values and principles and way of life from the political-militaristic-cultural-religious system, Islam.
I suggest these additions to the list of organizations to those mentioned by Mr. Wood that would help you becoming more educated about Islam:
·         Center for Security Policy  
·         Straightway Ministries
·         Islamic Jihad Watch
·         Jihad Watch

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