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Shoddy Reporting on the Religion of Islam by ABC News, Part 9

I came across a critique of the ABC News 20/20 program, “Islam: Questions and Answers.” That program originally was broadcast a year or so ago. A recent YouTube exposé points out 20 errors in the hour long supposed ‘news’ program. This is a ninth of a series of posts that will delve into the various errors made by Diane Sawyer, Bill Weir, and guests on this program. I am not quite sure whether this was just a case of very bad or sloppy reporting, or merely a succumbing to political correctness, or outright lies about the so-called ‘religion’ of peace.

Here is the video, “Whitewashing Islam – 20 Errors on 20/20 (ABC News).” Following the video is a transcript of the next errors found in the ‘news’ production.

Error #12

[Transcription below for above video beginning at 10:26 on the video] 

Bill Weir introduces Tawfik Hamid, Senior Fellow with the Potomac Institute:

“He says best sellers, like “The Way of the Muslim,” are often quoted in place of the Qur’an and contain ‘dangerous’ ideas.”
Tawfik Hamid comments,

“…which means the blood money or compensation for killing of the disbeliever is half of the blood money of the Muslim man. When you devalue the life of the non-Muslim that is the root cause of the problem. Terrorism is the last step.”
David Wood responds, “Now this is just hilarious. Radical Muslims are quoting books in place of the Qur’an! And they’re using these modern books to justify killing. What is the real source of terrorism? Devaluing the lives of non-Muslims by saying that the blood money for killing a non-Muslim is half as much as the blood money for killing a Muslim. How do these modern Muslim authors ever come up with such a horrible teaching? THEY GOT IT FROM MOHAMMED!

Sunan Abu Dawid 45:27 – The value of the bloodwit in the time of the Apostle of Allah was eight hundred dinars or eight thousand dirhams, and the bloodwit for the People of the Book (Jews and Christians) was half that for Muslims.
“Are you catching this? According to ABC News the real source of jihad and terrorism isn’t Mohammed’s teachings. No, the violence springs from modern books from modern Muslim authors, who as you just saw, are getting their views directly from Mohammed’s teachings!

Error #13

[Transcription below for above video beginning at 14:42 on the video] 

ABC’s Bill Weir makes another fantastic assertion:
Radicals have used these murder and martyr myths…
David Wood disagrees using Islamic texts to refute this obvious falsehood, ““Murder and martyr myths,” all this talk about jihad and fighting unbelievers and martyrdom it is all based on MYTHS. I guess that is why Mohammed said in

Sahih al Bukhari 2797 – By Him in whose hand my soul is! I would love to be martyred in Allah’s cause and then come back to life again and then get martyred and then come back to life again, and then get martyred and then come back to life again and then get martyred.
“Just myths?”

Apparently ABC News and its assorted ‘experts’ like Mr. Hamid are trying to divert attention away from the real and root cause of jihad and terrorism.  They’ll blame modern day authors and they even try conjure up the notion that martyrdom in Islam is a myth. Wow, afraid of the truth, are we? Mohammed’s clear and adulterated teachings are the source and the driving motivation of Islamic terrorism in the world today. Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, and many subversive Imams in American mosques today, all embrace the teachings of the prophet of Allah.

Isn’t this sort of like the current occupier of the White House blaming his predecessor, blaming the tsunami in Japan, blaming ATMs, blaming Congress, blaming the GOP for the economic crisis? When, truth be known and faced, he had such a great part in expanding, in worsening. He refuses to take any responsibility for his failed economic policies and actions which contributed so greatly to the problem. Likewise, the appeasers of Islam such as ABC News ‘reporters’ refuse to acknowledge that the teachings and doctrines is Islam are flawed, fomenting, and often fatal for unbelievers.

to be continued

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