Saturday, December 10, 2011

What if Tebow was Muslim?

Hat tip goes to, where I first saw the video below. This YouTube video triggered some good discussion on a local Internet forum and also launched me into wanting to read the article mentioned in the video.

This very thought provoking question was asked a week or so ago by sports writer Jennifer Floyd Engel’s in her article, “What if Tim Tebow was a Muslim?”
I discussed this video today on the Politics Forum at with several other posters. Here are some of back and forth comments:
Tebow is mocked because of his faith. Do the same thing to a Muslim and the the mainstream media (MSM), the ACLU, the DOJ and maybe even President Obama would be all over the perp(s).

PRESIDENT OBAMA SAID: "And I consider part of my responsibility as President of the US to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear."

What about Christianity or Judaism, Mr. President?
One poster replied,
“Yeah, you poor Christians just have no rights at all in this country!”
My reply was,
Incrementally … yes we are losing our freedoms and liberties. Government wants to be god. It wants more and more people to be dependent on it for their daily sustenance. It wants to be in absolute control of our lives. It has room for God. However, it cannot and will not fill His shoes...
The same poster went on to say,
“Anyone dumb enough to believe Christians are persecuted are wackjobs, which you've more than proven yourself to be numerous times on here.

And (if) Tebow were a Muslim, he'd be the most despised man in America right now. What kind of moronic question is that?”
I responded,
Tebow is disrespected primarily because he dares to bring his faith outside his church into the world. There has been a concerted effort the past 70 or so years to mock, marginalize, minimize God, Christ, Christians, and Christianity by the leftist secular humanists who want to purge all vestiges of truth and light from this society.
And so it went, the media and the other Leftist dominated influencers of this society have targeted Christianity for particular derision, because it goes against their core ideology. They use political correctness to further their agenda. They shun the truth when it does not fit with their agenda. Look at the treatment given to Tim Tebow, it is testimony to this pervasive unhealthy un-American attitude that has been growing in this country.

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