Thursday, December 08, 2011

Tom Brinkman for State Representative

Former state representative, congressional candidate and candidate for Hamilton county auditor Tom Brinkman has announced that he is running again for state rep.  Brinkman was the sponsor of a bill to ban abortion.  He founded the organization COAST (Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes).  He was a leader of the group Equal Rights Not Special Rights (ERNSR), which opposed making sexual orientation a protected class.  He was the only state representative to oppose re-ratification of the 14th Amendment, an amendment which was never legally ratified in first place, led to birth-right citizenship, a national separation of church and state policy, and gave the Supreme Court and the Congress the authority to determine what our rights are.  Brinkman supports concealed carry laws and opposed the wasteful Ohio Third Frontier Project. He opposes the death penalty in Ohio.  Brinkman filed a lawsuit against Miami University for giving benefits to same-sex partners in violation of Ohio's Marriage Amendment, which forbids state recognition of same-sex unions. Brinkman has also called on the congressional super committee to end all energy subsides.

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