Sunday, February 28, 2010

Domestically, Soetoro/Obama is even worse than Carter, says Mark Levin

Hat tip to, they posted an article highlighting some of the thoughts of conservative radio talk show host, best-selling author and attorney, Mark Levin. Here is part of his comments as quoted in the NewsBusters article, “Mark Levin: Obama 'Biggest Disaster in Modern American History'”:

"This is a very vicious recession and we would have been out of by now if he wasn't smothering the private sector, threatening to tax them, nationalizing major industries, government doesn't spread wealth, it destroys wealth and it spreads misery. Now we've had trillions of dollars spent in the last 13-14 months...trillions...following this failed ideology. We still have
· almost 10 percent unemployment,
· still foreclosures,
· soon the fed is going to back off pumping money into the housing market,
· interest rates are going to go up . . .

"This philosophy that Obama embraces has failed whenever it's tried, wherever it's tried. And you notice they always try to say the same thing - ‘we haven't gone far enough,' ‘we need more money,' ‘we need more government,' and then they pick enemies - this industry, that industry - it's because they're failures. And this is how they continue to push their propaganda. We weren't sliding into a great Depression, so now he's rewriting history."

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I concur with Mark Levin's analysis. Socialism or Marxism has not anywhere, yet, the Soetoro aka Obama administation is hell-bent on implementing that horrid and sordid philosophy. More than 60% of the American people do not want government-run healthcare, yet the President, Pelosi, and Reid march ahead following the steps of Lenin, Stalin and Mao like good comrades in harm . . .
The President claims that had he and Congress not pursued the gigantic slush fund, also referred to as the stimulus package, the economy would have been worse. I disagree. All the stimulus bull did was prolong the deep cuts states must face and must make to curb loss of revenue and out-of-control spending. The Stimulus protected government union jobs, that's all. We would have been less in debt than we are today if we did not waste nearly a Trillion dollars on an entirely program meant to insure that the Democratic Party stays in power . . .
The President and Congress are even thinking of passing another Stimulus bill. What was that famous definition of insanity? . . . Doing the same failed thing over and over again expecting different results.

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