Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ron Paul Implicates the Federal Reserve in Watergate Payoffs and Supplying Saddam Hussein with WMD

The above video shows Congressman Ron Paul questioning Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke about possible funding of Sadaam Hussein’s weapons program and Watergate payoffs by the Federal Reserve during the Nixon and Reagan (or G.H.W. Bush?) administrations. Mr. Bernanke responded by saying that Mr. Paul’s allegations were “bizarre”. But these allegations are not new.

Here is a New York Times article from 2004 about the Fed funneling money to Saddam:

Also, check out this link:

Form the History network:

Ben Bernanke Gives Ron Paul the "Idiot Treatment" (Watergate Payoffs)
After Ron Paul raised questions about possible past Federal Reserve misdeeds including allegations of involvement in Watergate payoffs, Ben Bernanke answered smugly: "These specific allegations you've made, I think are absolutely bizarre."

The crowd reflexively laughed at Dr. No's perceived looniness and pundits have already depicted his concerns as "wild" and "odd."

Well, it seems that Paul may have been onto something...or at the very least raised legitimate questions that deserve investigation. A few minutes on google news produced this 1982 story from the Milwaukee Sentinel by Richard Bradee of the paper's Washington Bureau:

"Police who searched the room the Watergate burglars used found $4,200 in $100 dollar bills, all numbered in sequence. Proxmire asked the Federal Reserve Board where the money came from. As he explained in a letter to the late Rep. Wright Patman (D-Tex.), chairman of the House Banking Committee: "I got the biggest run-around in years. They ducked, misled, lied, and gave me the idiot treatment."

More “bizarre” allegations from July 2009:

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