Thursday, February 04, 2010

Political Corruption and the Only Peaceful Solution

I'm not ready to endorse Seth Morgan for Ohio Auditor yet, but I probably will once I see his issue positions. Let's boot these clowns out! Here's how:

You can run for party Precinct Executive or Committeeman). They vote on the county party chairmen, who in turn vote for the state chairman and so on. These positions are powerful and have a great deal on influence on who is chosen to be on the ballot from the two major parties.

It’s so easy to get these seats! To get on the ballot, all you have to do is get a form (from your county board of elections), get a few signatures, turn the form back in and (if you win) show up to one county party organizational meeting every two years to vote for the county chairman. There is usually NO FILING FEE. Most likely you will have no competition! Most of these seats go unfilled! (Even if you missed the deadline, you may still have extra time to run as a write-in candidate and if no one else is running all you have to do is write in your own name on election day and you win!)

You can run as either a Republican or Democrat. The signatures must be from eligible voters of the same party or independents IN YOUR PRECINCT. (You are a “Republican” if you took a Republican ballot the last time you voted in a primary election.) Get as many signatures as you can (up to 15) in case some of them aren’t valid. For more info, contact your county board of elections or click the link below today!

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