Friday, February 12, 2010

The John Freshwater Hearing, an Update

I have not been following the hearing of John Freshwater very closely of late. However I received the following update from Sam Stickle (mountvernon1805) of

"There was an interesting development this week regarding the John Freshwater employment hearing. Freshwater addressed the school board at its monthly meeting and gave the board an update on recent events related to the hearing.

""I thought the hearing was about to end sometime last month but the proceeding changed again because somebody sent an anonymous letter containing some photographs of some items from my classroom," Freshwater said. "Last week another anonymous delivery was made that contained approximately 300 photographs of items that were in my room."

"I've uploaded a
video of Freshwater's comments to YouTube.



"An article published by the Mount Vernon News provides some additional information regarding the missing evidence. (See the article "Anonymous source leads to 'black bag' find," by Samantha Scoles.)"

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  1. Gregjaye,

    Something happened recently related to the John Freshwater story that you might find interesting: Two weeks ago an attorney for the Mount Vernon Board of Education sent me a subpoena. The attorney also sent a subpoena to my brother, who had also been writing about the legal proceedings online.

    I’ve posted the details:
    ” Reporter Responds to Subpoena”