Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The puzzlement President!

I needed change for a ten so I stopped by the Shell Gas Station and bought a USA Today Monday. I found the following revolting opinion by an obviously biased Soetoro/Obama supporter from Chicago (where else?). Can you say ACORN? Here is the letter of which I will make my comments:

Palin's support is puzzling

John E. Colbert - Chicago

No better indicator of an educational crisis exists than the fact that Sarah Palin leads the list of potential Republican presidential candidates for 2012. Her apparent popularity also indicates the sorry state of the Republican Party.

She spoke at the Tea Party convention — apparently aided by a grade- school style cheat sheet on her palm. Her speech was void of specifics, filled with inept reasoning and petty, nasty, insulting shots at President Obama. One shudders to think she could easily have been a heartbeat away from the presidency after '08. We cannot blame Palin: She is who she is, limited intellectually, no doubt, and an opportunist, like many others.

One does, however, have to question the judgment, minimal competence and patriotism of those who would consider putting her in charge of our country.

The opposition media's bigotted and biased treatment of Governor Palin is shameful. The writer of the opinion above is just mouthing the words of the majority of leftists, who literally hate Sarah Palin and the traditional values she espouses. Here is my response to Mr. Cobert's unabashed attack on the character and competence of Governor Palin.

Soetoro/Obama's election is more puzzling

greg e jaye

There is no better measure of the effectiveness of the godless Marxist educational system composed of extensive brainwashing of the youth of America in recent decades, than the fact that an extreme Marxist like Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Obama was elected President of these Untied States. His election by deceit, Saul Alinsky ACORN contrived election shenanigans, and media manipulation also shows the sorry state of the both political parties and the nation as a whole.

This President’s unprecedented use of the Teleprompter has diminished the position and the person. He seemingly cannot be trusted by his handlers when he gets off the TelePrompTer script. It is almost laughable if it wasn’t so obviously hurtful to the country and its citizenry. I shutter to think that he could multiply the damage already done during his first year in office over his remaining time in office. Furthermore, during his first year in office he and his administration have demonstrated gross incompetence, hindered by executive inexperience and driven by an anti-American ideology. This is in stark contrast to Governor Palin, who can speak without a Teleprompter, who has had executive experience and whose ideology is more in keeping with the Founders than the current President’s!

I would agree with Mr. Colbert’s last sentence, if I make this substitution, “One does, however, have to question the judgment, minimal competence and patriotism of those who voted for him (Soetoro/Obama) placing him
in charge of our country.

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  1. Mrs. Palin has been sending mixed signals recently.

    She endorsed Rand Paul, but on the other hand, she endorsed Bilderberg and Trans Texas Corridor supporter, "Slick" Rick Perry. Not to mention her recent warmongering statements at the Tea Party and on Fox News. Even die hard warhawks like Pat Boone, George Will and Michael Savage are now saying enough is enough!

    Speaking of Fox, I smell a publicity stunt with this "Family Guy" flap. She comes to work for Fox and then gets slammed by a cartoon on the Fox network to gain sympathy from the public! How else would you explain it?