Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Raquiem for the Stimulus Bill

I came across an interesting Twitter retweet which included a reference to this article, “Happy Anniversary, Stimulus Package! Boondoggle: Great NRSC Ad” and the embedded video below.

Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch runs a regular feature in its newspaper identifying an important issue to the local community and asking the vote of the readers on that issue along with any comments they may have. Occasionally I will respond and comment on the issue raised, as I did in regard to today's (Wednesday's) topic.

The Hot Issue, Wednesday, February 17, 2010:

Do you think the stimulus package has helped Ohio?

My Response:

No, in the long run Ohio is not helped by the pork-laden stimulus bill. We should not be singing its praises. We should be crying a dirge!

Actually, the stimulus package was one big slush fund used by the Democratic controlled Congress and President. It has only helped states like Ohio in propping up their budgets especially in retaining union members such teachers, police, fire, city workers etc In other words, those voters to whom the Democratic Party is beholden and dependent on as a base.

All Ohio or any state has done is buying a little time, avoiding the inevitable day of reckoning. Layoffs and other belt tightening must be done. Wasteful and excessive spending must stop!


  1. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Under Democrat Govenor Strickland, 5,000 state jobs of those union beholding types have been trimmed from the previous Taft levels. Facts can ruin a good story.

  2. Yes, but how many more are being carried, when the state cannot really afford them in the long-run. The federal government is spending money, which it does not have expressly for political gain . . .