Monday, September 13, 2010

All Stem Cells are not Equal

Adult Stem Cells

I periodically post on a forum at, the National and International Politics Forum.

Here was one comment I made about Embryonic Stem Cell Research (ESCR) on that forum:

Remember the President and Congress favor funding destruction of human embryos for so-called research purposes despite the fact that all of the positive results and actual clinical successes in humans have been exclusively through Adult Stem Cell Research.”

One commenter to my post wrote this: “Keep beating that anti-stem cell drum - The majority of Americans overwhelmingly support it, and look down on those who oppose it, such as yourself, as irrational lunatics. The simple fact is, if you oppose funding stem cell research, it means you oppose life. There really isn't one single logical argument against stem cell research. But I am glad we have nutjobs like you out there to remind us what will happen if repubs ever do gain control again. You and the rest of the anti-life crowd need to just go away. You're unhinged psychopaths.

My response was the following, You say, The majority of Americans overwhelmingly support it.”

What do you mean by ‘IT?’ Embryonic Stem Cell Research (ESCR), if the American people knew where IT came from – killing human beings – they would oppose IT.

The Left with the help of the Doing-the-Government’s-Bidding Media tries to merge ESCR with Adult Stem Cell Research (ASCR). When they do, they are comparing apples and oranges!

ESCR kills human life, while ADCR does not. The only true progress has been in ASCR and nothing has been accomplished in ESCR.

Don’t try to say I oppose “stem cell research’ I do not. I vehemently opposed the senseless destruction of human life that is necessary for Embryonic Stem Cell Research!

Those support ESCR, abortion and euthanasia are PRO-DEATH. They are the ones that oppose life.

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