Sunday, September 05, 2010

Our Lady of Fatima, Isn't it Idolatry?

September 5, 2010
Mr. Robert E. Ritchie
PO Box 341
Hanover, PA 17331-0341
Dear Mr. Ritchie:

While attending the Glenn Beck rally August 28, 2010, I was handed a brochure on Our Lady of Fatima, by one of two men wearing suits, as I was leaving the rally.

It is called a statue in the literature, yet I am asked to look deep into her eyes. You write that she has a message. Can this statue actually speak? I am told to turn to Our Blessed Mother for help. How can she help? Even when she was alive she asked Jesus for help. She said to Him, “They have no wine.” Then she told the servants to do whatever Jesus said to do. Should not we also be living our lives in obedience to Jesus? He is the one who is God not Mary and certainly not this statue.

Isn’t this actually a form of idolatry which God says we should not be engaged in? Are we not told to go directly to God and no one else? Isn’t God listening for our prayers? Why bother with someone who is not almighty and divine and not able to help anyway?
I suspect you are headed for hell, the Great White Throne Judgment, and the Lake of Fire. I suggest you repent, confess to God you are a sinner, and invite Jesus into your heart.



  1. Anonymous12:02 PM

    This is Our Lady's Miracle Baby

    by Sergio De Paz

    A few Sundays ago, I drove down to the Argentine meat market to get some beef for my wife, Olivia. As you know, Argentine meat is the best in the world, and I wanted to get some to make a small parrillada for my wife.

    I selected some cuts of meat, but when I went to pay, I discovered that I had left my wallet at home. So, I called Olivia and asked her what she thought I should do. She said: "Sergio, come home and we’ll do something else. It’s no big deal."

    Unexpected Meeting With A Friend

    At that very moment, an old friend came walking out of the market. I had taken the Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima to his home three years ago.

    I waved and told him that I was very glad to see him. In return, he expressed his regrets and condolences over the recent death of my son, Sergio Jr. In fact, he was very moved by the news of Jr.'s death.

    Then, I told him about my situation and how I had left my wallet at home. He kindly offered to pay for the meat. I said: "I'll send you a check in the mail." And he said: "No, this parillada is on me."

    My Friend Confides His Secret

    He then confided to me something amazing.

    He said: "I must tell you a secret; my wife could not conceive a baby. To find a solution, we had ventured into some Pentecostal church that was recommended by a friend. In that church, you know, they don’t like the Virgin Mary."

    "So when you brought the statue of Our Lady of Fatima to our home, I said to Our Lady: 'if you want me to believe in you, give us a baby.'"

    "Well, my wife gave birth to our baby boy six months ago. Now, we are both very active in the Catholic Church."

    Tell People About This Miracle

    Later on, he told me, "Please feel free to pass along this story to as many people as possible. Because I want others who may be in doubt about Our Lady, to know that She is truly the Mother of God and She helps us in every need, great and small."

    Well, in any case, I kept on trying to pay for the parrillada, but my friend would simply not accept payment.

    Finally, he said, "By the way, I want you to know that we named our son Sergio, which is my middle name too. But I had not told you this before."

    Mr. Ritchie: please pass on this story to all of our members of America Needs Fatima, for the greater glory of God and His Holy Mother.

  2. Sergio

    Of course, I believe that children are a blessing from God. But, people continued to have children even as they were sacrificing them to idols. There have been lots of cases when an infertile couple later began to have children even though they have don't have the particular religious leanings you describe. The Bible teaches that God rains on the just and the unjust. Using one anecdotal story (which has a purely naturalistic explanation) to prove a religious doctrine is a dangerous line of thinking. The Bible itself contains far greater miracles which have no natural explanation like the resurrection of Jesus, walking on water, and the virgin birth.

  3. Dear Sam,

    “Honor thy father and mother.”

    By honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary, we simply do what Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself did during His earthly life.

    Holy Scripture and Holy Mother Church teach that during the 30 years of Our Lord’s earthly life He joyfully and lovingly obeyed and honored His Blessed Mother and His foster father, Saint Joseph.

    “And he went down with them and came to Nazareth, and he was in subjection to them. And his mother kept all these things in her heart” (Luke 2:51).

    How amazing to see God obeying His mother, a mere creature.

    This fact holds many beautiful lessons for us. One of them being that Our Lord so loved the fourth commandment that He practiced it to perfection in regard to His mother.

    If we want to be like Him, we must honor the Blessed Mother as he did.

    May the Blessed Virgin Mary intercede for us all next to her Son.



  4. Anonymous5:28 AM

    This is for Sam. You can not separate
    Mary and Jesus. They are the symbol of obedience. When Mary ask Jesus for wine Jesus replied that it was not his time to perform miracle. But being obedient to His Holy Mother He did it.

    It is not a Moses, an Elias or a Jonah whom God sends, but the woman who stood beneath the Cross. In His mercy He had now entrusted the peace of the world to a Mother who comes to say that "men must stop offending God, already so much offended."

    To Moses God revealed Himself in a burning bush. In Fatima He revealed himself in a Bleeding Host in the hands of an adoring angel and in light.... brighter and more wonderful than the light of a burning bush...shining from the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
    God has given Mary to us. I would suggest you please read the story of Our Lady of Fatima and you will know how important Mother Mary is to our lives. Please read more about Mother Mary,the Mother of Jesus Christ before you say she is not important,not divine and not helpful. Mother Mary has done a lot of miracles. She the Greatest Intercessor. Before I go I would like to share with you the Hail Mary.

    Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with You, Blessed are You amongst women and Blessed is the fruit of Your womb Jesus.

    Holy Mary Mother of God, PRAY FOR US SINNERS now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

    I hope you will find enlightenment.

    Peace and sincerely,


  5. Anonymous8:36 PM

    I once asked the same thing. His response was, the statue is helping us visualize the mother of god. Jesus respected Mary and even if you don't believe she is a influential and important part of Christian religion (which she is). If you want to be like Jesus, you have to respect her also. The statue is representation of her, just like a crucifix is a representation of Jesus and his sacrifice.

  6. Concerning statues. God commanded Moses to fashion the likeness of two cherubim on the ark of the covenant. Also a serpent of bronze on his staff that all who looked upon it with faith would be healed. Solomons temple was ornate with holy imagery. We don't worship these statues. They are visual aids to our faith. Mary is not divine but does intercede for us. That is precisely the message from cana. She knows our needs before we do. asking for her prayers is not worship. We are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses... The saints. Their prayers have great merit with God. Mary's especially. God bless.