Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Conservative Victory in Delaware and Beyond

A sign @ a Dallas Tea Party

As I wrote yesterday, I was happy to see Christine O'Donnell clean liberal RINO Mike Castle's clock in Delaware. I was disappointed, however, that Ovide Lamontagne did not win the GOP Primary in New Hampshire. It was a very close race. The margin of victory was possibly Sarah Palin's endorsement of Lamontagne's opponent, Kelly Ayotte.

The Peoples propagandized press and the entrenched elite in the Republican Party, such as Karl "power over principle" Rove, reacted negatively at O'Donnell's stunning victory over the Party's pick. I have lost all respect for Mr. Rove and many in the GOP. They better not call me seeking any contributions to their party as long as support the likes of Castle or the likes of Pennsylvania's Arlene "turn coat" Specter over any true conservative.

I kinda agree with Rush Limbaugh, who said on his radio show today that he'd rather have a Marxist Democrat in the Senate than a RINO Republican who you don't know what conservative principle he will defaecate on on any given vote. John McCain fits in that category and so does the retiring George "I do as I please" Voinovich and the former Senator and GOP nominee for Ohio Attorney General, Mike "one of the gang of 14" DeWine of Ohio.


  1. It's Karl ROVE, not Rowe. Also, it's Arlen Specter, not Arlene. (Or was that an intended insult?)

  2. Matt -

    I stand corrected on Rove. My bad.