Friday, September 17, 2010

Kill ObamaCare before it kills US!

The signature ‘achievement’ of our controversial and increasingly unpopular President is ObamaCare. Though I would argue that it is touted reform to be. It is more like a government takeover of another key American industry.

In a recent USA Today (Monday, September 13, 2010) opinion piece by George Pataki titled, “Repeal And Replace (ObamaCare),” The author enumerates the promises (lies and deceit) made by our President and the radical Democratic-led Congress and the reality that continues to be revealed to the public as to what ObamaCare will realistically do and be. The article was in response to the USA Today editorial, “Don’t blame health reform for rising costs of care.”

Here are some of Pataki’s finer points, the emphasis is mine:

We were told that most Americans would pay less for their health care. Yet the (Soetoro) Obama administration’s own Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) just reported that health care costs will instead go up by over $1,000 per year by 2019 for a family of 4.

“We were told that ObamaCare would drive down the costs of health care. Yet just this week health insurers asked for premium increases of up to 9% solely because of ObamaCare.

We were told – and how many times did the President say this? – that if you were happy with your current coverage, you wouldn’t need to change it at all. Yet under rules issued in June, his own administration estimates that 51% of all employers and 66% of workers in small businesses would have their current plan changed within three years as a result of new mandates.

We were told that ObamaCare would protect senior citizens. Yet millions of seniors will lose their Medicare Advantage coverage and millions more, according to the administration’s own analysis, will have difficulty accessing health care at all due to a half-trillion dollar cut in Medicare.”

The reality of ObamaCare, Pataki summarizes in this way:

Higher health care costs. Cuts to seniors’ health care. Higher taxes, penalties and fines on employers that keep them from creating the new jobs we need …”

A bill predicated on lies and deception has not been well accepted by the general public. The public has not been bamboozled. ObamaCare is not reform. Time, instead, of minimizing the affect of the nationalization of this industry, has unmasked for the American people the true intentions of this Marxist President and his cohorts in Congress. That is why it is critical to elect conservatives to Congress this Fall, be they Republicans, Independent or Democrats. We must stop the march toward the fantastical socialist utopia.

Here is what Phyllis Schlafly says about ObamaCare or so the so-called Health Care Reform bill. She minces no words in her assessment of this extremely troublesome legislation:

"We must not compromise with evil. And (Soetoro) Obama's Health Control law is evil, harmful and dangerous to Americans, destructive of our freedom, and unconstitutional."

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