Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Campaigner-in-Chief is on the Road Again

The Great Campaigner

Both former President William Jefferson Clinton and President Barry Soetoro alias Barack Hussein Obama are hitting the campaign trail in a desperate attempt to stave off a Democrat massacre at the polls this November. In the September 2010 issue of Newsmax Magazine there was an interesting article by Ronald Kessler titled, “Virginian’s AG: This Guy Is All Action.” In that article Kessler quotes Virginian Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II in regard to the current occupier of the White House as a campaigner and as a leader.



“I would say that President (Soetoro) Obama is one of the best campaigners we have ever seen. Campaigns are sales, marketing, and communication. Governing is a whole lot more. They sold the feelings and values in a very generic form during the campaign, but once you take office, governing requires getting down to the details. Those policies that they have actually pursued are so distasteful to the American people, sort of at a gut level, that they have lost popularity.”
--- Ken Cuccinelli II, Virgina Attorney General, quoted on page 15 of the September issue of Newmax

Campaigning is something that the President does best. Leading and governing not so much … I can see why the author reports that General Cuccinelli is a rising star in the Republican Party. We will be hearing more form this gentleman in the future.

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