Saturday, September 11, 2010

Four Faiths & Three Gods

President George W. Bush was tragically wrong when he claimed that all faiths serve the same God. I heard a clear explanation today by Dr. Richard Land on his radio show, Richard Land Live, regarding faith, God. and the false gods.

The Four Abrahamic Faiths

There are four religions that are Abrahamic. They all recognize Abraham as prominent in their teaching. The four faiths are Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Mormonism.

The first and oldest of the four faiths is Judaism. Much of the Old Testament of today’s Bible is considered the sacred text of the Jews.

The second, which proceeds and builds greatly upon Judaism, is Christianity. Christianity was established 2000 years ago by God (Jehova) incarnate, Jesus Christ, God who became man and offers the only eternal salvation to fallen mankind.

The third developed around 700 A.D. and was based on supposed revelations of the god Allah to the prophet Mohamed. The primary ‘sacred’ text of the Muslim faith is the Koran.

The fourth faith stemming from Abraham is Mormonism. Like the Islamic faith, this religion is based on revelations to another ‘prophet’ Joseph Smith in the 1800s. It is the newest faith. Their ‘sacred’ text is the book of Mormon and other revelations of the Mormon god.

Those, then, constitute the four faiths, which account for a large portion of the world’s religious peoples.

The Three Objects of Worship

Only two of the four share or worship the same God. Judaism and Christianity worship God (Jehova) the Father. Where the Jews differ from Christians is that the Jewish people generally reject Jesus Christ, who is God’s Son and God the Holy Spirit. Orthodox Christian recognizes a Triune God.

Islam’s Allah is not God. Allah is a god, an idol selected from among many, by the prophet Mohamed. Allah is the god of this world.

The god of Mormonism is one of many gods. Adherents to this faith work to become gods themselves.


Just as Judaism and Christianity have some commonalities. There are many similarities between Mormonism and Islam. Primarily it comes down to being a matter of the one true God, Jehova, versus a false god, which distinguishes faith.

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