Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Is the President a Muslim?

Molotov Mitchell says, "Barry You Are Halfway There"

Hat tip goes to WorldNetDaily, which features on its website a weekly video commentary by Molotov Mitchell. This guy is a genius. His work and video presentations are powerful, poignant, and profound. More and more people are questioning the President's claim that he is Christian. Increasing numbers of Americans believe he is a Muslim. Me, I think he is neither. He is a secular humanist, an avowed atheist. Below is a significant transcript of the embedded video below.

“…Why would anyone in the world think (Barry Soetoro also known as Barack) Obama was Muslim? He’s only stated like a million times that he is a devout Christian, so why can’t you inbreed redneck trilobites believe him?

“Well, liberal media as your flag-waving, bible-thumping enemy, I have an answer for you:

“Just words? Just speeches? Well, actions speak LOUDER than words.

“If (Soetoro aka) Obama is indeed a Christian, as he claimed many times, then he should be PROMOTING Judeo-Christian values (good) and OPPOSING evil as it is defined in Scripture. The Bible instructs its readers to judge a tree by its fruit. And (Soetoro alias) Obama’s fruit is BLOOD-DRENCHED and FATAL if consumed.

“…According to Christianity, those who pervert the faith, and lead others to hell by justifying and promoting their sinful lifestyles will end up in hell themselves. And if hell is a manifestation of you reaping what you have sown in sin, I shutter to think of what (Soetoro aka) Obama’s PRO-ABORTION, PRO-SODOMY eternity could look like.

“… (Soetoro alias) Obama is no Muslim. I mean the guy doesn’t

· create a Mecca,

· he denies Islam,

· he barbecues,

· his wife wears the pants in the house.

The guy is about as Muslim as Brad Pitts is Buddhist.

“But after

· dropping charges against confessed terrorists,

· throwing iscar dinners in the White House to kick off Ramadan on multiple occasions,

· promoting the 9/11 Islamic-Victory-Screw-You-NY Mosque

- he might as well be Muslim.

“Seriously, Barry, you’re half-way way there!

“Now grown a beard, and cover up your woman, you swine-eating apostate.”

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