Tuesday, March 22, 2011

American Education is Flunking Out

Losing the Brains Race
America is spending more money on education while producing worse outcomes.

“Although students in many developed nations have been learning more and more over time, American 15-year olds are stuck in the middle of the pack in many fundamental areas, including reading and math. Yet the United States is near the top in education spending (with the exception of Switzerland, the US spends the most in the world on education).

“… If (education) reform is to be defined by something other than the amount of money flushed down the toilet, it is time to reverse the flow of power from the top (school districts, teachers unions, governments) to the bottom (students, their parents, and taxpayers who want their money spent wisely)…”

--- Veronique de Rugy in “Losing the Brains Race,” pgs 18 & 20, Newsmax Magazine, April 2011.

Failure is the best word I can think of to describe America’s public schools. It’s a failure to achieve exceptional outcomes. Who is responsible for the current state of affairs in education? We Americans for tolerating such a mess are responsible. We share the responsibility with the following culprits:

·                    the power-hungry, corrupt and scheming teachers’ unions protecting the poorest teachers rather than uplifting and protecting and teaching the most underachieving students,

·                    the rampant foolhardy political correctness and secular humanistic philosophy that so dominates the universities that produce the teachers,

·                    the bloated educational bureaucracy starting from the essentially useless Federal and State Departments of Education, teacher union controlled and influenced local school districts, and

·                    padded payrolls “supporting” principals and superintendents rather than supporting students and parents.

Essentially our schools have become propaganda mills for subversive atheistic thought of the worst order. Schools are government propaganda camps, where children are programmed to accept moral relativism, evolution, global warming as “truth.” Schools are where children are programmed to reject moral absolutes, American Exceptionalism, virtue and character.

More than anything else, our schools are credited for dumbing down the vast populace who electedthe current occupier of the White House.

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