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Islam is much more than a religion

Fellow blogger, gregjaye, sent me a 2/26/2010 online Jefferson City (Missouri) News Tribune article, “Tea Party speaker: Islam more than a religion.” We both had listened in-person to a presentation given in another venue by Mr. Federer, an author and historian. The above article summarizes several points made by Mr. Federer and some counter arguments made by a local Moslem, Iqbal Hussain. I add my two cents. Here are some direct quotes from the article above with my remarks in italics. [Der Keiser is an affectionate expression given to me previously by my internet “friends.”]


• FEDERER: Islam is more than a religion; it is also a political and military system

HUSSAIN: “Yes, Islam is a way of life. It gives you rules to live your life, has rights of people and rights of God. There is no military system, as in any system of government.”

{SAM’S (Der KEISER) Comments: It all depends on how you define religion. Islam engages in a tribal type warfare seeking world dominance. There is only one god and Jesus is not divine. To believe that Jesus is divine is worse than committing murder and worthy of having one’s head removed from one’s body. To enforce this belief and to stamp out the belief that Jesus is divine, Moslems go to war against their neighbors. This is one of the rules Moslems are to live by. Another is that they are to give twenty percent of their loot taken by war to their leader.

The one god of Islam is the god “Sin” which is the moon god. You may notice that the symbol of the religion is the crescent moon with a star. The star, I think, represents the meteorite kept at Mecca, Saudi Arabia on display. You could say that Islam is a lunatic religion: moon-struck. It is really idolatry claiming to be the true religion and monotheistic.


FEDERER: To be the best Muslim means following Mohammed’s footsteps of violence and forced conversion.

HUSSAIN: “There is no forced conversion. It is mentioned that there is no compulsion. The obedience has to be of free will.”

[SAM’S (Der KEISER) Comments: A person, city, or nation is essentially told by the Muslims. “Convert to Islam, or else!” If they do not then they are put to death. Iqbal Hussain is a bold face liar. Islam is at war with the United States of America not with only radical Islamists. To kill non-Muslims is to Islam, what Jesus Christ is to Christianity, it is central to their doctrine or belief system.]


FEDERER: It’s OK to lie to advance Islam.

HUSSAIN: “Absolutely no. The only time it is permitted is when someone is going to kill you, if you did not follow their orders.”

[SAM’S (Der KEISER) Comments: All of Islam is a lie. The Koran is a book of deceit.]


FEDERER: In history, Islam made treaties until they were strong enough to ignore them — example, Mohammed emigrated to Medina for refuge and five years later had run off, killed or enslaved all the Jews there.

HUSSAIN: “The treaties cannot be broken until there is proved violation by the other party and with proper warnings.”

[SAM’S (Der KEISER) Comments: If one wants to break a treaty a violation can always be manufactured.]


FEDERER: Muslims act out of obedience, not out of conscience like Christians — so they may not hate or want to kill infidels, but will if they are ordered.

HUSSAIN: “Obedience is to God only and God does not want anyone to kill one of his creations. Everyone is from Adam and creation of God.”

[SAM’S (Der KEISER) Comments: The god of Islam is not the God of the Holy Bible even though the Koran claims that it is. If the god of Islam were the God of the Holy Bible, then the Muslims would not be murdering Christians and Jews because they believe in the God of the Bible. Instead they would consider the Christians and Jews thier brothers and worship the God of the Holy Bible in spirit and truth. And they wouldn't have murdered the Christian official in Pakistan, which they did recently. The god of the Koran is a murderer and wants his subjects to murder]


FEDERER: The American Bar Association supports Sharia Law, overriding the U.S. Constitution.

HUSSAIN: “Only in the religious matters (right to worship and at what time), not in civil or criminal law.”

[SAM’S (Der KEISER) Comments: The American Bar Association is anti-Christian and knows that adopting Sharia Law will work to destroy Christianity. In Islam “religious liberty” is the destruction of Christians. Whoever wants Sharia Law is in league with the terrorists and should be removed from the country.]


FEDERER: Unlike conflict based on geography during man’s 6,000 years on the earth, the goal of Islam is ideology, to change how people think and live.

HUSSAIN: “No. Everyone has to think for themselves.”

[SAM’S (Der KEISER) Comments: The people of Islam fight and murder to make those who believe otherwise accept Islam or be killed. It is going on right now worldwide in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in Saudi Arabia, in Egypt, etc. People are prevented from learning anything else. Truth is denied to the people by obedience to the Koran by those in charge. The Bible is banned in many Moslem nations. People are not allowed to think other than what the religious leaders say.]


FEDERER: There is no freedom of religion in current Islamic nations.

HUSSAIN: “So-called Islamic states are not Islamic but kingships or dictatorships. They make rules to keep their power, not to help Islam. They may use Islam for their cause, where it suits them. People are supposed to choose the best amongst them to be the rulers.”

[SAM’S (Der KEISER) Comments: The Koran does not provide for any freedom of religion. Only those Islamic leaders that do not follow the Koran closely are the ones that offer any freedom of religion in a nation. Islam fosters or causes dictatorships by the authoritative nature of this false religion.

Islam teaches that Jesus is not divine that He did not die on the cross and that He was never crucified. According to the false teaching of the Koran, Jesus was taken to heaven by god without ever dying. Whoever believes this cannot be saved from the wrath of the one true God and will, therefore, go to hell upon his or her death.

In reality, however, a Muslim can believe that Jesus is God, the Son of God, and that He died on the cross, was buried, and rose from the dead. After forty days He ascended into heaven. Upon believing this a Muslim can repent of their sins by confessing to God of being a sinner, and asking God for forgiveness of his sins. He can also invite Jesus into his heart. He will then be saved and go to heaven upon death or the rapture. However, the person will no longer be a Muslim but a Christian.

In addition, in many Muslim nations today the man or woman who converts from Islam may very well lose their head over that decision. So much for the tolerant “religion of peace” in an atmosphere of “religious freedom,” the key word is persecution of converts, infidels, or non believers!]

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