Friday, March 25, 2011

The Freedom Robbing Nature of Political Correctness

The following is an example of what is wrong with America. A local Tea Party, which is made up of a diverse array of Americans who are extremely frustrated and fed up with the state and direction that our nation is now taking. They are part of a growing movement, which is desirous of restoring the freedoms and liberties upon which our nation was founded.

These Tea Party participants are TAXPAYERS and they are funding the government-run schools. How dare they attempt to discover the truth about the growing threat presented by Islam and the terrorists that claim adherence to it and evangelize this so-called “religion of peace?” How dare they use the alleged centers of “learning,” “education,” and “community” to host a topic of vital interest and import to the majority of Americans?

How dare Rep. Peter King (R-NY) conduct Congressional hearings to discover the truth about Islam’s role in terrorism in America? How dare anyone question the fanatical Imams’ radical preaching in many Mosques across America? How dare anyone reject any implementation of Muslim Sharia Law over the Constitution anywhere in America?

Below is first the content of the flyer circulating in and around the Mansfield, Ohio community. Following the Tea Party ad is a rant of a response via a press release from the local bastion of racism, the NAACP. “We are all for free speech, except for ANY Christian or Biblical perspective, especially in our godless, atheistic schools!” That is the essence of Ms. Webb’s (President of the Mansfield Branch of the NAACP dead fig tree) press release!!!

I for one do plan to attend the meeting. If I wasn’t before, I certainly will now. I want to hear and to learn the truth about Islam. I don’t want the politically correct version which daily is meted out by the mal-practicing mainstream media. That political correct version allows Islamic terrorist infiltrators to cross our borders indiscriminately. That PC version allows Islamic Jihadist Major Nidal Hasan to mow down over a dozen people in Texas in the name of allah … That PC version supports the building of the Ground Zero Mosque near the ash heap created by the Islamic Terrorist attack on the World Trade Center Twin Towers. That PC version allowed President George W. Bush to get away with calling Islam a “religion of peace.” Ironically, that PC version welcomes Islam, Buddhism and all other false religions and NOT Christianity into curriculum of the same government schools that Ms. Webb is so disappointed with this school or any government-run school would permit a differing view, than the sanitized one she holds.

Is free speech now only free and permitted as long as it agrees with the radical, bigoted, anti-Christian and leftist leaning politically correct view of the NAACP, the ACLU, the NEA, or the Democratic Party?

Let it be said that I am very disappointed by the stand taken by Ms. Webb and her fellow NAACPers. Where is the open mindness and the tolerance of alternative views?


Mansfield North Central Ohio Tea Party Association
Usama K Dakdok, Muslim Evangelism Specialist, The Straight Way of Grace Ministry, Inc.

Usama Dakdok was born in Egypt and raised in a Christian home as the son of a Baptist pastor. He became a Christian at the age of eleven. Usama learned about Islam in school because it was, and still is, a mandatory subject. To further his knowledge of Islam, he studied Islamic law in college.

Usama came to the United States in 1992 after his marriage to Vicki, an American whom he met in Germany, where they were both in full-time ministry. In 1997 they were blessed with Caleb. Usama holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and a Master’s Degree in Missions from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Monday, March 28, 2011
7:00 – 9:30 PM

Mansfield Senior High School Auditorium
124 N. Linden Rd.
Mansfield, OH 44906


Press Release

From: Marcia Webb, President Mansfield Branch NAACP


Marcia Webb, President of the Mansfield Branch (NAACP) was contacted about fliers being posted at the high school in areas around the school which announced a a speaker coming on Monday, March 28th at the High School Auditorium. The speaker is being hosted by The Mansfield North Central Ohio Tea Party.

The N.A.A.C.P. has always supported Education for the future of children, and was disappointed to learn that the High School building would be used to allow "Anti-Muslim, Anti-American Rhetoric" to be spewed from the stage of the schools' auditorium. I spoke to Supt. Freund on yesterday, and I was disappointed that he was not willing to do more to discourage assemblies of this type from occurring at the school.

I understand the constitutional right to freedom of speech, but I wholeheartedly disagree with the school district allowing these types of divisive messages to be displayed in our local school building. My concern is for the students attending MSHS who are of the Muslim faith and how this will impact their well being.

The Mansfield Branch will be sending written request to the Mansfield School Board asking them to review and amend the policy for future use/rental to include restrictions for the content of the events held at the school buildings. The NAACP believes that this necessary infrastructure for these type checks and balances will help restore the public trust of the community in the School Administration now and in the future and ensure the safety of our students attending Mansfield City Schools.

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