Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stand with Gov. Walker & Wisconsin GOP State Senators, I did!

Thuggish union leaders outside of Wisconsin are outraged that the Congress in Wisconsin would tamper with their cash cow, gravy train union dues. So upset that they are organizing to recall 8 Wisconsin State Senator, who dared to vote for fiscal responsibility and against union monopolistic tactics and policies. These tactics and policies added to the financial crisis that Governor Scott Walker and most of the GOP State Senators had the courage to address.

This is an important step for all of America. We must stop the favoritism and the cycle of Democratic support for unions and vice versa. Unions use their dues to fund politicians who will payback the unions with favored status and excessive benefits, not even provided by the best in private industry. Often very substandard work is rewarded because the union care only about protecting the dues pipeline …

Please join me in sending $8 as a donation to to support and to counteract the insurgent union-Democrat-Organizing-for-America's attack on policies and persons duly elected and serving to carry out the will of the people. That is, to cap spending and to get Wisconsin’s fiscal house in order.

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