Monday, March 07, 2011

Can a people be free and equal?

“… We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” The Declaration of Independence establishes the American ideal. We are beings who have been created – beings on whom the Creator bestows rights – and we cannot legitimately be separated from those rights by acts of government or of other men .
“The nature of government is to accumulate power, always at the expense of individual freedom … Within the United States, a soft revolution of the left against the Constitution has been underway for 80 years. Its goal is the equality of outcomes. Is means is the accumulation of power through the growth of government. (The great irony of liberalism is that, when government becomes all-powerful, all power is concentrated in the hands of those who run the government … which is the least equal outcome of all.)
--- Bart Fleming, “Is it liberty and equality, or liberty VERSUS equality?Tea Party Review, March 2011, Vol. 1, No. 1

Amazingly, the first and preeminent right enumerated in the Declaration of Independence is LIFE. In 1973, 38 years ago, this right to life was willfully and wrongly “revoked” by the government, the so-called Supreme Court. The liberty, the freedom of the unborn, the most vulnerable in society was stolen. All of our remaining rights stem from that most vital right of all. ObamaCare is not healthcare reform, it is healthcare control! It is a symptom of what the author above says is its unquenchable thirst for more power.

One by one big government is stripping us from our freedoms in the name of equal outcomes for all. This is socialist utopian fantasy. Government does not determine our rights, God does. The Left is at war with God. Under “Dear Leader” Chairman Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama we are becoming more and more like the Soviet Union each passing day.

Budget Deficit Made With Red Chinese Ink!

Furthermore, our government is in need of extensive bariatric surgery. Now it waddles badly, barely able to hold itself up. The Chinese are enabling its feeding and its spending frenzy. It needs to be knocked down to size several notches. We need to stop feeding this bloated monster. The past 4+ years it has acted like a bloodsucking leech that has attached itself to American taxpayers and it won’t let go.  

Essentially, the government has far too much power. It is doing and meddling in affairs it has no business getting into such as healthcare or education.

We need to put our federal and state governments on a strict diet. We need major spending cuts. Not the namby pamby nicks that the President or even the House have proposed. We need to get serious. I for one am for shutting down the government until we can get serious about fiscal responsibility.

There are two examples of government expenditures that can be trimmed right off hand that would save us a bundle of money. One is the complete elimination of the nearly worthless, even destructive U.S. Department of Education. The other is the equally useless Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Yes, ket’s get serious and put the government on a starvation diet, a real budget balancing diet, and sooner rather than later! Let’s start now in the current Continuing Resolution for 2011.

Draw a line in the sand. Say “No” to the raising the debt ceiling. Since the President has audaciously sent a budget containing a $1 ½ trillion deficit, let’s adopt a new slogan. “Trim a trillion here and there, until we are debt-free.”


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