Sunday, March 27, 2011

In the Service of the King

I depart from my usual blog article today to present something personal, something that occurred on October 8, 1944 at the First Brethren Church, Long Beach, California. It was my (Merrill Samuel Keiser, Jr.'s). Dedication Service, where Dr. Louis S. Bauman officiated. I trust God, my King, will continue to use me in His service …

As we have often sated, in our church we do not baptize babies. We believe that “as many as were made sinners” (Romans 5) Christ, by His work on the cross, made righteous.

Baptism has nothing to do with Adamic (Adam’s original) sin. As many as believed were baptized, both men and women. Baptism is for believers. But, in the word of God we read that they would bring their children into the temple and dedicate them to the Lord.

In my early ministry I used to wonder why I became a preacher. I did not intend to be a preacher. I could take a story like the Prodigal Son, or some other Bible Story, and talk on it, drawing lessons from it, but that was about the extent of my preaching ability. However, I got to preaching, and by and by got to holding evangelistic meetings. I started preaching, and have never been able to quit.

I was holding a meeting one time in McLouth, Kansas. While I was holding this meeting I wrote to Mother about it, and she wrote back: “Louis, before you were two hours old I held you up in my arms and dedicated you to the Lord.” Then, I knew why I was a preacher. It is not in vain that we dedicate children to the Lord.

You parents should realize the solemnity of this occasion. If you make a vow unto the Lord, He will surely require it of you. I would be afraid for the life of my baby, otherwise. This means that you take second place in the life of that child. After all, you want the child to put God first in its life. Jesus said, “He that forsaketh not father and other for My sake cannot be my disciple.” Therefore, it is what the will of God will be for your child – not your will that shall be in the future.

Are you ready to dedicate your child to the Lord, recognizing that you are giving God first place in the life of your child? (Answer: Yes.)

Do you promise that you will strive to so live that you will be an example to this boy as he grows to manhood, so that you can say: “Follow me as I follow Christ”? (Answer: Yes.)

(Prayer): O God, we pray that Thou wilt bless this little lad. We thank thee for him. We believe that he was dedicated long ago to Thee. As he comes into the temple, we ask Thee to bless him; as we know that this mother and the father, who is in the service of his country, if he were here, would be standing here dedicating this child to Thee. Bless him, put Thy hands upon him – the unseen Hand -, and may he be used in the service of the King. We ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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