Monday, March 28, 2011

Save Money & the Country: Let the Government Shutdown!

This is next year!

Senator Harry “White Flag of Surrender” Reid said this week that under no circumstances will he permit the defunding of the perverse, law-breaking Planned Parenthood Federation of America as part of any continuing resolution or authorized budget. He felt so strongly about this that he stated that even if it meant shutting down the federal government. Well, Harry if you feel that way, “Shut ‘er dooooowwwwnnnnn!!!!

On the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) funding issue alone it would be worth shutting down the non-essential workings of government. The PPFA has breached the trust of the American people by its pattern of lawbreaking and operating above the law. Undercover videos of the last few years revealed a pattern of dishonesty and lawbreaking, which rivals that of ACORN another leftist pillar of pernicious practices. Undercover videos reveal the abhorrent underbelly that belies PPFA marketing hype. See for more information.

Not only would shutting down the government get the attention of the American people, it would focus all eyes on the gross negligence, incompetency and refusal of the President and his Democratic comrades to effectively deal with the problem of the growing and bloated national deficit and national debt. The GOP in the House proposed and the GOP in the Senate voted for a very modest, and I might add an altogether insufficient, budget reduction proposal for the FY 2011 budget. The Democrats  in the Senate countered with a paltry pittance of a spending reduction. Not to mention that the President proposed a FY2012 budget insuring continuance of the similar atrocious deficit projections as his previous record-breaking and economy-busting budgets of his first two years in office.

Former Speaker of the House Nancy “Leaving on a Government Jet Plane” Pelosi led Democrats resisted almost every cut suggested by their GOP opponents. Really, they were in such a frenzied spending spree last year that didn’t have time to approve a budget, which is the first time since Congress has been required by law to do so. Seems that they have given up their right to squawk about the specifics of the budget, which the opposition is scrambling to fix the mess they kicked down the road …

Charles M. Page, Sr. had some thoughts on the possible shut-down of our self-serving government guilty of gloating in its self-importance. He posted an article at, “Shutting Down The Government Sounds Like A Deal To Me...He would like to see the government shut down, as would I.


Page makes several good points, first he says, “Now I know that they always mean "shutting down only non-essential services" whenever this subject comes up, and usually refer to "continuing to operate the military, and to payout Social Security check, etc."” It would also be important to pay the interest on our staggering debt, so that we don’t incur additional penalties, which would drive up the deficit and debt even further.


His second point is a question, “What services are essential for the Government to perform today?  And if it were shut down...even for a few hours, days, or weeks, what do you think might actually happen?”

That is the question we all should be asking. The U.S. Constitution answers that in Article 1, Section 8.


Page looks at this looming budget crisis confrontation positively, “My hope is that the (newer) Republicans in the House, because that it the only group I see potentially able to make a stand on this issue, will vote to pass no more "Continuing Resolutions to keep the Federal Government operating" when this next deadline comes due. [April 8]

I hope

·                    that they reject flat out the notion of the "Need to raise the Debt Ceiling...."  
·                    That unused Stimulus monies are returned to the taxpayers,
·                    that the $105 Billion squirled away in ObamaCare is eliminated,
·                    that significant steps to find Fraud & Waste everywhere are actually taken and reported for once in our lifetimes,
·                    that tax law is reduced to simply "you owe X (my personal number would be 10, 20 tops....) percent of anything you make regardless if you are Joe the Plumber or GE," and
·                    that we find out what we really are getting for our money from the Federal Government?”


Yes, this can be a pivotal time for America. It may be the time to discover why it is costing taxpayers and future Americans yet to be born over $1.5 trillion dollars per year in additional debt to operate our out-of-control big government. We need to review every role of the present government and if it does not comport or line up with Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution, serious consideration should be giving to ceasing to fund and/or continue that program or expenditure.

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