Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Unborn, Again

"... (T)he unborn. 
·                    Defenseless,
·                    Unoffending,
·                    Not able to speak for themselves –
·                    but occasionally able to cry before their lives are terminated –
babies are sacrificed. Unlike in ancient cultures in which people were sacrificed to assorted pagan gods, they are sacrificed to gods of
·                    convenience, ·                    avoidance,
·                    confusion,
·                    selfishness, and
·                    numbed conscience.
The culture and, God help us, the government call them not human beings, but 
·                    fetuses,
·                    blobs,
·                    tissue, and
·                    choices.
The inherent contradiction is evident when we realize that schools don’t teach “blob control” and pharmacists don’t dispense “fetus control pills.” -- Rick Marshall, “A Sermon: Choosing Life,” Tea Party Review, March 2011, Volume 1, Number 1, pages 52-53.

What kind of people, what kind of government allows and even encourages the mass murder of major percentages of minorities and others by permitting the “legal” but highly immoral and unethical abortion procedure to thrive? A sick and dying culture, I am afraid.

If we as a society reject the basic right to LIFE, what other God-given unalienable right shall we disregard? LIFE is the first right named in the United States Declaration of Independence. Until we get this basic right right, we will wallow in our mire. We are doomed. Those on the Left, such as the wicked law-ignoring Planned Parenthood Federation of America, tout a woman’s right to choose. Who speaks for the unborn?

Note: I recently subscripted to the new magazine Tea Party Review. The article I quoted from above is from the inaugural issue. If you want to get a flavor of what is happening within this vital movement I recommend you visit and subscribe!

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