Saturday, May 16, 2009

Arresting Development: University of Notre Dame

Hear Their Cry

Hat tip to Coach Dave Daubenmire and his Pass the Salt Ministries, for posting this video (embedded below) for the world to see the gross injustice being perpetrated at one of the most prestigious American universities.

Here is a shocking video capturing what transpired at the protest yesterday (Friday, May 15) in South Bend, Indiana at the supposedly Catholic institution: the arrest of an 83 year old priest, Father Norman Weslin. This gruesome and heart-wrenching atrocity was perpetrated by the Notre Dame police under the auspices of Father John Jenkins, the president of ND. It informs the world of the heights of injustice, immorality and insanity to which the leadership of the ND leadership has risen. The ND administration and Board of Trustees, by their invitation of the most Pro-Death and evil-promoting president in the history of America and perhaps the Western world, thumbs their collective noses at God, righteousness and goodness.

It is outrageous, in the first place, to invite this radical Pro-Death official to a supposedly religious institution to address the graduating class, giving them their marching orders. But ND takes it a step further. It does something that even a secular institution such as Arizona State University refused to do. The ND will bestow an honorary degree to an unaccomplished, godless, leftwing Chicago political establishment produced hack, whose policies are immoral through and through. This is truly beyond the pale.

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