Wednesday, May 13, 2009

‘Welcoming’ the Prez to Notre Dame

This week, Pro-Life advocates, led by Dr. Alan Keyes and Operation Rescue's founder Randall Terry, who are spearheading the protest against the school that will be bringing the alleged President Barry Soetoro’s (a/k/a Barack Obama) to its campus, plan to stage a series of protests there. Soetoro/Obama's Pro-Death baggage and his ongoing barrage of the defenseless unborn babies, are absolutely intolerable. As it turns out, last Friday’s arrest of Dr. Keyes, former Ambassador to the United Nations, former Senatorial and Presidential candidate, was a prelude or tune-up to what will take place this week.

As expected you will not find the opposition Soetoro/Obama-adoring media objectively reporting on this protest. Their can-do-no-wrong, media endorsed, protected and sanctioned President will continue to receive a free ride and glowing reports. The Pro-Life contingent hopes to inform America and the World that not all Catholics or Christians agree with the wayward, amoral school leadership’s decision.

After all, as Dr. Keyes describes Soetoro/Obama as now representing “the focus of abortion evil in the entire world today, and has by his decisions has been promoting abortion in every possible extreme way that he could – with federal funding, with appointments (Judge David Hamilton, Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, for example), even stripping away the rights of consciences of medical workers, if he has his way, so that they can be enslaved in conscience to to evil and perpetrate this atrocity (abortion) against God's will.”

Here is a partial schedule of events happening around the God-dishonoring visit of Barry Soetoro alias Barack Obama to the campus of the now infamous campus of Notre Dame:

Friday 12 noon:
PRO-LIFE WITNESS on campus with Dr.
(with likely arrests of Dr. Keyes and marchers)
Face the Truth outside gates: 10 am - 4 pm

(contact Bill Kee 903-269-8638)
Please bring signs.

Saturday 12 noon:
PRO-LIFE WITNESS on campus with arrests
(with likely arrests of Dr. Keyes and marchers)
Face the Truth outside at Front Gate 8 am - 1 pm

Sunday 10am-4pm:
Face the Truth witness to OBAMA at each gate to Notre Dame
(contact Bill Kee: 903-269-8638)

The actual commencement address by and shameful granting of an honorary degree to the extreme Pro-Death advocate Soetoro/Obama by the university will take place on Sunday afternoon. Sometime later in the week Dr. Keyes along with scores of other Pro-Life advocates will be rearrested or arrested and will be incarcerated during Soetoro/Obama’s speech.


(1) Join me in signing the petition to the University leadership, which is prominently displayed at
(2) Watch the videos at that same website which document what has happened so far in this protest.
(3) If you can join the protest this week or this weekend to let Soetoro/Obama know that not all Catholics or Christians support or honor his dastardly Pro-Death ways.

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