Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Teleprompted One

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The Teleprompted Kid-Killer on campus of University of Notre Dame
Sunday, May 17, 2009.
(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

“The epitome of abortion evil in the world . . . ”

“(H)e is really the high priest of the cult of child-murder . . . ”

“Whose conscience is seared.”

--- Dr. Alan Keyes in referring to Barry Soetoro alias
Barack Obama

In a radio interview today with Dave Daubenmire (Pass the Salt Radio), Dr. Alan Keyes comments on why he allowed himself to be arrested in the protest last Sunday on the Notre Dame campus. First he said it was the arrest of Pro-Life advocate and founder of Operation Rescue, Randall Terry, earlier this month at Notre Dame. That arrest impacted Keyes, because he saw a person who had dedicated himself to the cause of Life and now was being treated so badly, and because of it Dr. Keyes felt he need to get more involved. Dr. Keyes indicated that another reason was:

“. . . The very integrity of the faith in Jesus Christ that we profess. And the notion that somehow, consistent with that faith, we can honor one, who has become the epitome of abortion evil in the world, it makes no sense and I felt that we need to rise up as one heart and say ‘no’ to the slanderous lie against truth and our faith.

Daubenmire asked Dr. Keyes to elaborate as to exactly what Barry Soetoro alias Barack Obama’s position really is on abortion, infanticide, etc.

“One of the things I have definitely concluded, especially where Soetoro/Obama is concerned, we should stop referring to abortion, because he is really the high priest of the cult of child-murder.


“He believes in murdering children in the womb. He believes that if a mother has decided to abort the child, even if that child survives the abortion attempt, and is born viable with no means except to be cared for in the usual way, that child should be left to die in the name of the so-called ‘abortion rights.”


“He (Soetoro/Obama) has also declared - that many people know – that the one vote he was ashamed of in the U.S. Senate was the one he cast just to look into the Terri Schiavo situation.

“This is a conscience so seared, so dead-set against respect for life, that even to investigate the facts about that situation struck him as shameful.


“So we are dealing with someone whose conscience is seared and who is standing in a position that turns his back on the fundamental law of love of God, which begins with respect to His first gift to us, which is breathing into us the breath of life, which signifies His love for us in the very act of creating what we are. To reject this seems to me, is to reject God’s loving will for us – at the most fundamental level, to tear up the plant as it were, of our respect for God’s law at it root. This is why it was particularly incongruous that he should be given a doctor of laws degree.

“How can you tell me that someone is learned in the law when is they are ripping up from the root the respect that we should have for the laws of God?”

To hear the entire radio interview, visit the Pass the Salt website.

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