Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mansfield, Ohio Tea Party, May 30, 2009

I was late for the party, Tea Party, that is. It started at noon, but I didn't get there until just before 1:00 PM. No problem, the party lasted another 90 minutes. There was a series of speakers ending with Diane Greenwood reading the speech of Rush Limbaugh's father or grandfather, which Rush reads annually on his radio show. The Battle Hymn of the Republic was sung. And the benediction was given by Rev. Phillips. What a glorious day for a (tea) party. Between 100 and 200 people populated the park on the public square to hear the various speakers. One Soetoro/Obama supporter yelled out something inappropriate. The crowd was generally very subdued, intently listening for truth, upset with the current government in control in America today.

The next major Tea Party in Mansfield, Columbus and in many, many cities nationwide will be Independence Day, July 4th. Hopefully the momentum will continue unabated and crowds will be even greater than the Tax Day Tea Parties held on April 15th!

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  1. Thanks for writing about the Mansfield Tea Party. Your pix turned out much better than mine.
    Hope you make it to the next one at the Gazebo. It's on 7/4 at Noon.
    In addition to interesting speakers, there will be an open mic sound off where you can speak your mind.
    For more info visit