Thursday, May 21, 2009

Take Back This Nation, part 1

Another bill which has had so much added to it is H.R. 627. This is actually a bill which supposedly protects consumers from unscrupulous credit card. But Senator Tom Coburn has added an amendment to it which would actually protect hunters from being prosecuted for hunting in Federal Parks. The bill has passed with the amendment and Obama is expected to sign it! But this will be of little consequence if the Obama administration gets its way. (There shouldn’t even be any such thing as a “Federal Park” because this is unconstitutional.)

Two bills have been introduced into the Congress which are both an affront to our liberties. H.R. 45 is a bill that is designed to give government more of an ability to harass people for purchasing guns. H.R. 2159 is a bill which would ban the sale of firearms to people who fit certain profiles which makes them “potential terrorists”. Both of these bills are so long that most congressman will not even read them if they come up for a vote.

Get ready for the Proclamation March! This event will take place Sunday 2 p.m. July 26th in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. The organizers of this event are trying to make this into a nationwide event and are calling for organizers from other cities to schedule a Proclamation Marches around the country. Click here if you are interested. The organizers of this event are not going to stop with the 2nd Amendment, but plan on organizing similar marches for other the amendments in the Bill of Rights which have been repeatedly violated by government in recent years. Get on board now! Let’s show the Establishment that we are not just upset at high taxes! Let’s get this think going!

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