Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Count the Lies, the President Speaks to Congress

Cartoon by Glenn Foden as found at Townhall.com 9/8/09

Liberties or Lies?

I, for one, will be counting the untruths that our alleged President Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack H. Obama proclaims during his speech tomorrow evening to the Joint Session of Congress. In an apparent desperate move, the president and his teleprompter will try to sway the congressional members still on the fence to vote his way (or else).

The American people have been fooled badly by this man in November 2008. After the spending spree we have witnessed after Inauguration Day, I think the jig is up. Soetoro/Obama is a European Socialist/would-be third world type dictator disguised as a genuine American. That disguise is getting more exposed. This summer, Americans, as evidence by TEA Parties, Town Halls, phone calls, letters, birthday cards, and other forms of protest, have tried to tell the President and Congress that the majority of Americans DO NO WANT the complete redo or makeover of the American Health Care System because of the maybe 12-15 million people who do not have adequate coverage. Certainly there are less costly and less destructive ways to correct this problems of the truly uninsured.

Like I said, I will be trying to enumerate the lies that will be told in tomorrow evening Presidential address. Certain lies, which will again be perpetrated, will be that 45-48 million are now in need to be helped because they are uninsured. Another lie is that the opposition party does not have any solutions to offer. Another lie is that abortion and euthanasia will not be included as mandates in the so-called reform package. Another lie to look for is that you can always keep your current health insurance plan. This is only temporary, at best. You can keep it as long as it does not change. Once it changes you are obligated to take on a the government mandated plan or benefit package.

This president's spending ways are out of control. This government, which is in power, like every totalitarian state before it, lusts to control every facet of its peoples lives. They are like leaches sucking the life blood, the freedom, from red-blooded, free Americans.

So I will be watching and counting the lies in the President’s final attempt to salvage a severely flawed and freedom-sapping redo. If ObamaCare or some iteration thereof ever passes, it will ultimately lead to destruction of the American Health Care System we have come to expect and for so long have taken for granted along with our liberties.


  1. Anonymous11:38 AM

    It's kooks and fearmongerers like you who give conservatives and centrists a bad rap. Keep up the crazy bulls..t you've been spewing and Democrats will continue to win.

  2. Obama is the Greatest of them all