Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Republicans Do Not Enough Backbone To Stop Socialized Medicine

This is a perfect example of how Republicans have lost all credibility with the public. Even if Mike Pence really said "government takeover of" instead of "government run" healthcare, he like most Republicans, is caught with his tail between is legs. I pick on Pence a lot, not because he is worst of the Republicans, but to show how bad off we really are because he is one of the best. This is a perfect example of how power corrupts people. They start out with good intentions, but because of pressure from within their political party and from a deceived populace, they all but sell their own grandmothers down the river.

Medicare is a socialized, government takeover of healthcare for senior citizens. It isn't just an "option". In some ways, it is even worse than Obama's plan because it actually is mandatory. The Republicans are hypocrites. When they had control over all branches of the federal government, what did they do? Remember the presciption drug expansion of medicare? Another socialistic Bush healthcare expansion besides the Prescription Drug Plan is the MEDICARE ADVANTAGE Plan. This also passed while the Republicans still controlled everything. This was a huge expansion of government over the healthcare of senior citizens. Basically, it is free healthcare for seniors. The "public option" is already here, folks. Costs always go up whenever you make something "free". No need to praise our healthcare system for how good it is to disuade people from supporting Obama's plan. You need to, rather, tell how BAD it is to convince your congressman not to vote for H.R. 3200. The majority of the Republicans are being intellectually dishonest in this debate and are offering no real solutions. Yet, when Obama says that NO ONE is offering any alternatives to solve the current crisis, HE is also not being intellectually honest. I will discuss the real solution to this mess in a future post.

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