Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Let's Get 'er Done: ObamaCare Health Care Rally - Columbus

About 1,500 die hard (and that's even before ObamaCare or KennedyCare becomes effective!) Democrats from the heavily Democratic Columbus area attended a pep rally of sorts at the Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus this evening. Can you imagine having to pay $5.00 per car to protest the presence of Constituent-Avoiders like U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, U.S. Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy and Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman? That is exactly what I had to pay to park my car at the Fairgrounds. Inside the large Senator Lausche Exhibition hall KoolAide was being consumed by the gallon by probably the same people who were mesmerized last fall to vote for the second coming of J.C. (that's Jimmy Carter, your you non-religious folks).

Senator Brown was in his element, a controlled crowd of gushing adorers, unlike the 900 some people he avoided a week or so ago in his home town at a Health Care and Cap and Trade Town Hall held at the Mansfield Senior High School. He and his fellow Democrats had hoped that no one reads the bill. However, the genie is out of the bottle and more and more folks are reading it and not liking what they read.

Look at the pictures below that capture a little of the peaceful protest held outside of the "Let's git 'er done" ObamaCare Rally. The signs tell the story . . .

Inside the ObamaCare LoveFest, Obama Campaign 2009

The ObamaCare Love Bus

Yes WE Can - Wait for the Right Reform!

This is a Private Party, Nonbelievers Keep Out!


On the Outside - Patriotic Protest of ObamaCare & Other Grievous Government Spending


ObamaCare Rally Greeters

The Next Big Event: Wastingaton, D.C. TEA Party

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