Monday, September 21, 2009

Has the GOP taken itself off life support?

GOP is now terminally ill!

Here is a letter an acquaintance, R.C., wrote to Chairman Michael Steele. I concur with R.C.'s wise words and counsel.

Dear Chairman Steele,

I see that you said recently (again!) that the Republican Party must be open to "abortion rights" candidates. This is only one of the most obvious reasons, and most egregious, that the Republican Party will die, and deserves to.

I disagree with virtually everything the current Democratic Party stands for, but I have to give them credit for at least one thing - they believe fervently and uncompromisingly in many things, and they don't welcome, and support, candidates in their party who hold views that don't line up with those deep beliefs.

The Republican Party, the other hand, obviously believes in nothing, except getting candidates elected who have an R after their name, whatever their beliefs. It is this total bankruptcy of belief, principle, courage, and morals, its utter failure to stand for anything, that has consigned the Republican Party to the dustbin of history, and all I can say is "Good riddance!"

A once great party, the party of Lincoln, the party that abolished slavery, is now a pathetic, contemptible, vote grubbing coalition of political hacks willing to sell their souls for a vote or a buck.

Though I despise the Democrats and don't want to see them re-elected, I'll vote my conscience and my principles in 2010, perhaps the Constitution Party or America's Independent Party - they may not get elected but at least they've got integrity. The Republican Party doesn't even know the meaning of the word anymore.

Yours truly,

R.C., Ohio

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  1. Anonymous8:24 PM

    R. C. If you are a conservative, that is a social conservative, and want to support a party and vote for candidates who are conservative too, let me encourage you to do what I did a year or two ago and join the constitution party.