Sunday, September 06, 2009

How is the President doing being ‘My Brother’s Keeper’?

During his presidential campaign candidate Barack Hussein Obama, then even after becoming President, spoke several times of the need of being his brother’s keeper. How well has this champion of the downtrodden succeeded in fulfilling his mission?


On one of his first days in office, President (Barry Soetoro a/k/a) Barack Obama signed an Executive Order (EO) cancelling the Mexico City Policy, which had restricted funding of foreign abortions, reversing President Bush's EO. Then in another early Executive Order the President issued, he authorized the federal funding of Embryonic Stem Cell Research. According to the advisors in the Obama Administration, embryos are not human: therefore, he is not harming his brother.

All abortion, according to President Obama, is good and unborn human look alikes are not human. So there is no harm done by abortions. Abortion survivors are to be allowed to die. Discarding unwanted substances for women is not Obama harming his brother.


President Obama’s father’s son is living on twelve dollars a year in Kenya. As far as I know President Obama has done nothing to help him. Those who would help him are kept away from him. At least President Obama hasn’t killed him as Cain killed Able.

Cain was the first to use the phrase “my brother’s keeper.” God said to Cain, “what have you done?” “Your brother’s blood cries to me from the ground.” To this Cain replied, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” The question is then, ‘Is Obama his brother’s keeper?’


The President has increased the National Debt by two and a half trillion dollars in less than one year. This has lead to stock market declines, unemployment, and in the future, high inflation. But, the nation is not his brother.


Four billion dollars was budgeted for ACORN, a radical organization which is often found cheating in elections. Two billion dollars of the United States Treasury was also given to a Brazil oil company to drill for oil in the ocean. George Soros, the financier behind much of the Leftist movement, has an eight hundred million dollar investment in the company. It would appear that these are the brothers Obama is keeping.


The term 'War on Terror' has been eliminated by the administration and detainees are being released with their housing paid for at government expense. American military in the field are given rules of engagement, which keep them from engaging the enemy.


It would appear that the brothers President Obama is keeping are his political supporters, financial supporters,and the terrorists.
This is definitely a change from the Bush Administration. However, it is a change with which we cannot stand!

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