Friday, September 11, 2009

Exposing ACORN:

Hat tip to K.C. for forwarding us this informative video. It shows the corrupt ACORN organization in action. ACORN has a very close affiliation of the President, who even worked for them. They have a large footprint in his election and in his administration. They are more deadly than the Swine Flu. They have infected the government and are being nourished and enriched by the President and his comrades in Congress. They must be exorcised; their funding lifeline must be severed now is a brand new website, which hopefully will continue to expose the corruption so rampant throughout this government.


  1. I agree that ACORN is disgusting organization, but the methods used in this video constitute entrapment.

  2. Entrapment, this video barely begins to break the surface of how corrupt and fraudulent ACORN really is-

  3. Entrapment. This video starts to expose just how corrupt and fraudulent ACORN is.

  4. Matt -

    I have to agree with Penny's remarks. It is doing the work of the state-controlled media . . .

  5. Thank god this has been exposed. I for one do not want my gov't helping the destitute masses.

    Granted some people are exploited by those in power and survive by selling what they can. But if poor people wanted representation they should have been born rich.

    "Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses longing to be free..."

    Some one forgot what this country is about.

    The workers were giving illegal advice, but that does not mean the organization is a criminal organization only that it serves the poorest most destitute individuals. Being a sex worker did not surprising to them. Maybe the critics can't understand that the people who need acorn literally have nothing, no education, no jobs, no future.

    Sadly the critics seem to have no compassion. I feel sorry that they feel anger at Acorn and not the fact that such an organization is needed because people out there are literally that needy. Why don't they show us who really uses acorn? Because it would make us uncomfortable.

    Buy hey, it is good to see some republicans in a community outreach program. I don't see many out this way. *rim shot*