Sunday, September 13, 2009

G.I. Joe (2009)

The movie, G.I. Joe, had action, intense violence with many people being killed, romance, monstrous villains, a lady heroine in distress, and a hero that saves her. The villains try to terrorize the world, believing that the world will obey them if it has sufficient fear of them for the future. Basically it is a complex, science fiction melodrama; however, the bottom line is that it is not worth wasting your time and money watching.

Unfortunately, the chief villains escape, so there is possibly going to be a sequel to the movie. The movie does not end with good triumphing over evil. One is left with the feeling: Mission Incomplete.

There are several layers of villains. The chief villain is the mastermind of the new nano-technology and whose sister is the heroine and also a villain. The second villain is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of an arms company which supplies 70% of the military weapons to the world. The third villain is a group of enforcers who carry out the orders of the CEO. The fourth villain is a group of human robots. The fifth villain is the security detail for the operation.

In the old western or cowboy movies the good guy always wore the white hat, while the villain wore the black hat. In GI Joe the main enforcer villain wears white and the enforcer heroine villain wears black. The best fighter of the good forces wears black. The symbols for good and evil are being reversed in some cases.

The chief villain can inject nanos into people and cause them to do what the chief villain wants, or have them destroyed if they are no longer useful to him. One might think of it as a form of socialized medicine. In the case of the United States of America; Barack Hussein Obama is the CEO. In the United States today there is a good versus evil battle going on, but it is not a melodrama. It is for real and for keeps. On which side of this battle are you?

The movie is totally godless. There is no reference to God or Jesus Christ in the movie. The outcome of the situation is totally dependent on technology and ability. God’s ability is not even considered.

In this world there is a chief villain and his name is Satan. He does not have to rely on nano-technology, but has and uses demonic spirits, which can enter into people and control them and then destroy them when finished with them. You can be set free from such a situation by repenting of your sins and inviting Jesus into your heart. A sample prayer is: ‘Lord Jesus Christ, forgive me of my evil and come into my heart.’

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