Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mansfield, Ohio 9/12 TEA Parties, Part 1

From the Mansfield (Ohio) TEA Party Patriots Event, 9-12-09

Mansfield North Central Ohio TEA Party Association Event 9-12-09

While the major national TEA Party was underway in Wastingaton, D.C., where hundreds of thousands gathered, other smaller, though as representative of the majority of main street America, were going on in cities, towns and villages across the nation. In Ohio this was a perfect day to be outdoors. A perfect day for a TEA Party!
In Mansfield, Ohio there were two TEA Parties happening almost simultaneously. One was held at the Richland County Fairgrounds, which featured a band and former GOP Gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell as one of the speakers. The other TEA Party in Mansfield was held in a central park around the town square Gazebo. The speaker was a fiery physician, Dr. Patrick Johnson. He gave a powerful message on the dire state of America under the present Administration and Congress.

The first TEA Party began at 11:00 AM, while the second TEA Party began at noon. While I was there, there was a nice tribute spoken and sung in remembrance of the tragedy of 9/11/01. I attended a portion of the first TEA Party, but left before Mr. Blackwell spoke, although I would have liked to have heard what he had to say. I chose to scurry downtown to hear Dr. Johnson, who gave a more grounded and stronger apolitical message. I have heard both men before. They are both good speakers. Unfortunately, stopping for batteries for my camera, I missed a portion of Dr. Johnson's presentation. Hopefully, the entire speech will be captured on video. What I did here was a good outline of the current problems and solutions to those problems. I will try to outline some of the good doctor's ideas and message in a future post.
ObamaCare, despite the pompous pontifications and assertions of the President and Congress, contain provisions to pay for abortion and to essentially effect euthanasia for our elderly, chronically ill, and disabled. ObamaCare will also cover illegal aliens, regardless of what the President says. Lies are beginning to characterize and define the Soetoro a/k/a Obama presidency.
to be continued

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