Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Mummy (1999)

I visited my sister’s home last evening, while there I watched this movie called, “The Mummy”. The time period portrayed is after World War I. The Museum of Antiquities in Cairo, Egypt wanted to find the “City of the Dead” and recover the treasure buried there. Two teams of archaeologists raced against each other to be the first to find the city and claim the buried treasure. One team was British, which was headed by a women librarian, the heroine, and who was sponsored by the Museum. The other team was American, which appeared to be freelance archaeologists.

The city had a curse on it, that whoever opened the burial vault of a particular mummy would be killed and the ten plagues of Egypt would come upon them. The woman determined that the mummy was not a mummy at all, but the person had been buried alive with flesh eating beetles and was eaten alive by the beetles. If he was disturbed then he had the power to cannibalize other people to make his own body flesh out, and once that was done, he would then be immortal with immense power and could sacrifice a woman and make his wife immortal also.

To prevent this scenario from happening, the locals in the area would fight against those who would find the city of the Dead and keep them from living to tell about it. Once the Mummy was unleashed they fought to destroy the Mummy along with the archaeologists. One local was promised gold treasure if he helped the Mummy; which he did. He met a terrible fate.

The archaeologists read accent manuscripts to determine how to take away the Mummies power and immortality, which they did, and he was soon subdued.

My sister observed that I was upset over the movie and said, “It is only a movie”. “Only a movie,” I thought. “What about, “Towering Inferno,” a year after the movie came out a sky scraper caught on fire above where any ladders could reach. Then we had the twin towers knocked down by fire. Only a movie, I used to watch “Star Trek”. The people would walk up to a door and it would open automatically. Today I walk up to doors and they open up automatically and I am not even on the Star Ship Enterprise. You never know when what you've seen in a movie might come true.

God is misrepresented in this movie. Unless one knows the true God and the Scriptures, one is likely to believe wrongly about God. God does not cannibalize the living to put flesh on bones. The Bible describes that in the Valley of Dry Bones, when the prophet Ezekiel spoke no one was cannibalized for flesh to be put on the bones. People do not arise from the dead and resume their marriage. Death cancels one’s marriage. After death comes the judgment of the deceased by Jesus Christ. The ten plagues on Egypt was a display of God’s power and brought about the release of Israel from slavery. Today, we have Israel as a nation, the celebration of the Passover and Easter as reminders of the event.

Archaeologists studied the ancient manuscripts as if they were true, but ignored the more ancient true manuscript, which is the Holy Bible. In it, we learn about eternal life and immortality which even the archaeologists and you, the reader, can obtain.

If you desire eternal life and immortality for yourself, and if you want to escape from eternal torment by fire, then you must do something. You must, put your faith in the fact that Jesus died for you, that He received in Himself the wrath of God for you. Then, you must accept by faith the fact that He rose from the dead. You must believe that Jesus is simultaneously human and divine: You must believe in your heart, your inner being, that He is the only begotten (unique, one-of-a-kind) Son of God. YOU can pray, now, confessing you are a sinner, separated from God, and invite Jesus into your heart. A sample prayer is, “Lord Jesus Christ forgive me of my sin and come into my heart.”

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