Friday, October 01, 2010

The favorite Leftist line...

I was involved last night in a “conversation” on the National Politics Forum

One of the favorite default tactics of the Leftists is to smear, besmirch their opposition via personal attack in lieu of dealing with the issues at hand. Maybe its their favorite or their only sure-fire (they think) approach when faced with any opposition.

For example they are fond of labeling Tea Party patriots as "Teabaggers," “Racists,” “Extremists,” “Ignorant,” and “Nut Jobs” among others."

Why do they do this?


(1) We the people vehemently oppose the controversial and increasingly unpopular President and his rubber-stamp Democratic-led Congress and their destructive European Socialist policies?

(2) We the people want less instead of more government?

(3) We the people want liberty and not tyranny?

(4) We the people want less spending and less taxes instead of more of the same?

(5) We the people want smaller not bigger government?

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