Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Multifaceted Faces of American Tea Party

Wow! Something from the pathetically biased and usually extremely liberal being seemingly fair and balanced? I was skeptical. But had a recent Photoblog series, Faces of the Tea Party, which I came across today in a news item.

Writer Karl Huus says: Volumes have been written and hours of television time have been spent arguiing about the Tea Party movement, covering its celebrities and filming its rallies. But every movement is made up of individuals who come with specific concerns and fears, motivation and baggage.

Over the next week, will meet the rank-and-file members on a road trip through Indiana to get a close-up view of what makes these activists tick.

Not everyone we contacted in advance agreed to be involved, citing their perception that the Tea Party has been unfairly portrayed in the mainstream media.

"The chance of getting fair coverage from (your company) is less than zero percent," one Tea Party activist said, "I don't mean any disrespect."

Nor do we. In this project, the goal is simply to put a human fae on the wasve of activism that has washed over the political landscape and become hard for Washington to ignore. In the coming week on PhotoBlog, we will be publishing portraits of some of the Tea Party activists who agreed to take part in the project, along which short profiles detailing their thinking, history and political actions.

We will also get a ground-level look at the Tea Party network - and perhaps a sense of its furture - while they hold local meetings, attend rallies and actively campaign for candidates.

I must say that it showed a different, more realistic, authentic portrayal in words and pictures than typically scene in the pro-Left media on most of broadcast and cable networks and news sources.

The series highlights real people who represent typical Americans who have decided to get involved in the political scene since the government has gone really out-of-control the past four years. It started under fake conservative George W. Bush and is now being fueled exponentially under the unapologetic extreme leftist and socialist Barry Soetoro alias Barack H.Obama.

People - black, brown, red and white - are increasingly upset with the direction that this Congress and this President and the previous President have been moving America. Uncontrolled spending and the unfathomable growth of the government bureaucracy have gotten the attention of formerly apathetic people. We do not like what we see happening to this once beacon of freedom. We are becoming more and more like the second-rate European nations, secular and selfish.

The faces and stories of the individual tea party participants as portrayed in the MSNBC Photoblog series of photos and commentary gives a good orientation to the depth and diversity of the movement. It is young and old. It is disillusioned Democrats and disgusted Republicans. It is blacks and whites. It is men and women. The consensus is that enough is enough. We need to restore the principles that made America great. We must reject and replace the principles that have subverted those founding principles and values. We reject the policies which the past and present Presidents and current and recent Congresses have promulgated the past four years.

The ultimate TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party will be held from the early voting now until the polls close on Tuesday, November 2, 2010! It is time for true conservatives to stand up and vote their principles and values and to vote out the unprincipled and wrong principled politicians out of office.

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