Friday, October 15, 2010

Nevada debate: Sharron handed Harry his hat!


In the state of Nevada one of the terrible triumvirate, U.S. Senator Harry Reid is running for a 5th term against the Tea Party-supported Sharron Angle, who is also a former member of the Nevada State Assembly. In a real sense Reid is undergoing a performance evaluation. Retirement is looking as a very viable career option for him at this point.

This race is key because Reid forced through the Senate some very unseemly legislation opposed by the majority of Americans, namely ObamaCare, the Stimulus, TARP, etc. In addition, the Nevada economy, thanks to a great deal to the policies of the Soetoro/Obama-Pelosi-Reid Demolition Team, Inc., is one of the worst in the nation. Unemployment sits at 14%, while the national average is under 10%. The debate Thursday night could very well help Angle to stir the Nevada masses sufficiently enough to motivate them to repudiate on November 2nd one of the Democratic Congressional architects of the effort to reshape or change America into a socialistic nirvana.

LAS VEGAS – With polls showing the marquee race of the year a dead heat, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Republican Sharron Angle face off for their sole debate here Thursday with a shared goal: don’t hand the other any more ammunition.

No other campaign in the country features two more gaffe-prone candidates and few contests are as close as the Nevada Senate race, making the stakes for the telecast duel in the desert far higher than for a traditional state race forum…

--- Politico, “Harry Reid, Sharron Angle face off in debate”


I must be a glutton for punishment. I watched my second debate in two nights. Tonight’s debate between the two candidates vying to represent Nevada in the U.S. Senate was only 60 minutes long. The format was very simple and the question seemed very fair with only one moderator, who gave equally hard question to both debaters. As expected neither Sharron Angle nor Senator Harry Reid were orators or Teleprompter readers on par with the current occupier of the White House. They lived up to the expectations.

Senator Reid lost the debate, clearly. He seemed to be on the constant defense of his and the President’s loathsome leadership and legislative “accomplishments.” Though not smooth and silver tongued, Sharron Angle communicated well her positions, and I believe the majority of Nevadans and Americans in respect to the politically correct pap promulgated by the soon-to-be-retired Senator and Majority Leader.

Here a some of the key phrases or ideas that I noted during the debate:

Able Angle:

* Optimism * American Exceptionalism * Less Government * Make Permanent Bush Tax Cuts * The Tax Money is the Peoples Money * Use All of Our Natural Resources * Eliminate the Federal Department of Education * Steer Funding Away From Feds to Local Level * Wait for Military Study Before Repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell * Pay Back the Social Security IOUs * Called “Extremist” at least ½ Dozen times * Audit the Federal Reserve * Justice Thomas Favorite Judge * Repeal ObamaCare * Reform Tort Laws * Let the Free Market Work * We Need Competition not Mandates * Give Choices in Health Care Coverage * Secure the Borders First * Enforce the Immigration Laws * English Should Be America’s Official Language

Renegade Reid:

* Renewable Energy Jobs * The War is Lost * The Surge Won’t Work * No Tax Cuts for the Wealthy (Billionaires?) * Pork Buying Politician * Demonized Nuclear Energy Industry * Extreme Environmentalist * Windmills * Housing Bubble * Audit the Federal Reserve * Justice Scalia Favorite Judge * HealthCare Mandates are Needed * Greedy Bankers * Profit is the Wrong Motive * English Already is America’s Official Language * Comprehensive Immigration Reform (Amnesty)

I got a kick out of Angle cajoling of Reid, “Man-up Harry Reid” at one point in the debate, which I think was in relation to the discussion about ObamaCare.

Angle and her ideas and conservative views won the day. Harry Reid tired and tried liberalism lost. He needs to come back to Nevada and maybe read the Constitution he claimed to carry with him at the debate. His actions and policies certainly do not give evidence that he knows or follows the U.S. Constitution.

If the race was tied going into the debate, as some of the pundits and polls portrayed, then Sharron Angle comes out of the debate with high marks and enough momentum to carry her to victory at the most important Tea Party of all, the one to be held at the polling booths across Nevada. Reid’s departure from Congress would have a positive affect on the nation as a whole. It would be a strong repudiation of the Democrats move to change America from a Democratic Republic to a Socialistic State as they have been doing the past two or more years.

See Sharron run. Watch Harry fall.

Remember in November to fire Harry Reid

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