Thursday, October 21, 2010

Obama Sells Weapons to Saudi Arabia - Here We Go Again

I guess this is a reward to Saudi Arabia for giving Israel permission to fly over their airspace if they decide to attack Iran.  Or maybe this is just an oil deal (which only the oil companies benefit from, no doubt, and not the American people). 

Obama announced the $60 billion dollar cash for weapons and weapons technology deal to Congress yesterday. 

Read the post which I wrote a long time ago about how both Republicans and Democrats keep shooting us in the foot with all these arms deals.  There would be no Al Qaeda, Taliban, or any other Muslim terrorist groups of any stature if it was not for our meddling and kowtowing to them.

And who does Obama think he is sell American weapons and technology on his own to a foreign country?  Who gave him that authority?  Is he a President as the Constitution describes in Article II or do we have a king?  When is America going to wake up and put a stop to this?

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